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The older references about the township of Picamoixons talk about the prehistorical ruins that were found in "El Cau d'en Serra" in 1939 by the Dr.Salvador Vilaseca. The following pieces of news refer to the paleolithic site, which promoted the job of the Dr. Eudald Carbonell of the Universitat de Tarragona. The influences of later civilisations and cultures can be appreciated in the ruins of ceramics, either common, italic and punic found in the area.

In 1171, the village appeared in a letter or population permit under the name of Rocabruna. In this permit, the Archbishop and the King gave Pere de Vilagrassa these areas so that he established there, and built a fortified village. The name of Picamoixons appears in a document in 1192.

The census of Picamoixons have ever been united to the Valls'. One census of 1496 gave it three houses, that is, about fifteen people. In 1970 it had 722 inhabitants. Its place near the river has caused that the village has suffered from many flows, as for example, the ones of the 18th.and 19th.centuries, that have been told in the actual days.

It is a decentralised entity from Valls since October, 1996.

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